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It is not intended at any time that the material or information presented will replace the advice of a qualified practitioner. We advise that at all times diagnosis should be sought and only be made by  an allopathic or complimentary practitioner.
Volume 1 issue 1
VIOLETS - Abundance (A Slice of Alchemical Life)
From the family Violacea, the violet is a perennial plant rising from a thick, creeping rhizone, to a height of 15cm. It grows best in a half shady position in moist soil rich in leaf mould. The flowers and the leaves are the most used parts in any herbal remedy.
NEVER USE THE ROOT as it causes vomiting and diarrhoea.
Viola, the original Latin name derives from the Greek, ION, meaning violet. It is associated with the legend concerning Zeus and his lover IO, who was turned into a white Heifer; the violet was ceated in honour of her beauty. From Viola has come the comon name, through the French Violette. The specific name, odorata means "fragrant". Apart from its medicinal, culinary and perfumery uses the violet was once a popular ingredient in love potions. 

The violet is very popular in aromatherapy and is used in the medium of aromatherpay to treat acne, eczema, arthritis, rheumatic aches and pains, respiratory ailments, anxiety and nervous tension.
In herbal medicine violets are cooling, soothing expectorant, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, laxative and soporific. Infusions of the leaves and flowers are helpful for bronchitis, coughs, (including whooping cough), colds and flu, rheumatic and arthritic pain, constipation, headaches and migraine. Violet flowers are useful for anxiety and insomnia.
Externally the cooled infusion can be applied in compresses to treat swellings, slow healing wounds, ulcers and rashes. As a mouthwaash or gargle it treats inflammed gums and sore throats.
In Homeopathy the remedies mirror the herbal remedies and are best suited to those who are nervous and tnese.
For culinary use the cyrstalised violet is used as a decoration for cakes and desserts.
In Flower Therapy the violet is used as in the same manner as in Homeopathy, aromatherapy and as a herbal remedy.
Vibrational essences are very subtle and gentle in their action and can be discontinued at any time. It is not advisable to take any one essence for any length of time as they change the electromagnetic fields of the ubtle bodies of the person taking the remedy. As this changes the vibration within the person, so the vibration of the required essence changes. If you don't feel the need to take them, then it is safe to discontinue. If you feel after a few days you should take a few more drops then this too is okay, as long as you have discussed this situation with your practitioner and they know what you are doing. Sometimes they would then advise a different formula or mixture to meet the change in the bodies vibration. If the situation being addressed is deep rooted then it may be advisable to take more than one essence at a time. It is not however advisable to take more than three essences at any one time. They are quite safe to take with other medication as long as you have advised your practitioner.
In A Slice of Life range Violet is for Abundance. Abundance is defined as that which has great quantity or a plentiful amount. It is also synonymous.with affluence and wealth. In Vibrational medicine it is necessary to also take notice of the reverse meanings in situations such as in Redundant as opposite to Abundant. Just recall how the violet grows with it's protective leaves and the flower whcih shyly pops its head from beneath the leaves. It appears fragile but has a strength and fragrance.denying this to be so. In the usage of the essence both these aspects need to be considered..
Violet has shown beneficial uses in those with Chronic Fatigue and the associated symptomatic aches and pains. It addresses the emotional issues which are buried in the subconscious causing one to "hide in tiredness and lethargy". Violet may not be suffiicient on its own and the sufferer may also need to look at other issues of fatigue and confidence/self esteem. Some of the essences for these issues include: Blue Plumbago (doubts & Fear), Lily of the Valley (Contradictions) , Sarsparilla (Nourishment), Bunya Pine Leaf (Rejuvenation), Nasturtium (Help Me!)
Vibrational Essences may safely be taken by babies, toddlers, pregnant women, adults, teenagers male or female wherever there is an emotional issue as the cause of physical and emotional trauma.
Each of the essences in the ranges listed on this website havean accompanying symbol and verse. It is as important to listen to the words as it is to place the essence under the tongue. Similarly as with Homeopathy it is ideal if no strong flavoured substance be consumed for at least half an hour before and after taking the essence.
Thoughts to assist with the vibration of the essence are:
You may wish to partake of our essence for the purpose of shyness and reserve
and we do willingly assist you with this purpose.
We are here to help you with those times when you feel rest difficult and sleep eludes you.
Our essence will guide you to the understanding that the Universe
is a place of glorious ABUNDANCE.
How, say you, can all these topics relate, one to the other.
We say, pause for just a moment and listen to the vibration of abundance.
Abundance is created in evrything you do, say and see.
you create your won abundance just by simply living in the moment.
value each moment.
Remove from your mind the "worries" of tomorrow,
for tomoroww is already today and today is already yesterday.
The moment is NOW!
Love is the KEY!
turn the key with love and have faith and trust in yourself.
Believe that you are worthy of abundance,
then everything, which is abundant, will attach itself to you.

In the making of each essence they have had the added support of colour, sound and something from the earth - a crystal. Crystals store all the knolwedge. In this instance Selenite was the crystal used. Selenite is for clarity of mind, in expanding the awareness of all that surrounds you. It can access past and future lives within the probability of the current direction. It helps in decreasing reticence in understanding the role between the conscious and subconsious thoughts. It may help in removing blockages as it travels the spinal column to the base of the head - the stillpoint. As it moves back down the spinal column it sends messages through all the vetebrae   to the rest of the body promoting a flexiblity of body, mind and soul. Selenite vibrates to the number 8 which is the number for personal power.

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