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Have you found that the changes which are being created in your life since the planetary aligments of May 2000 are more profound? Activation is finer and much quicker than it has ever been before. The emotions through which we all have been working are taking us into a deeper part of ourselves. I read an article or two which gave advice on what we could expect to come. Then these were followed by articles on how to integrate the changes.which had come.

I find that the folk who are coming to see me are still struggling to intellectually understand what is happening to them. The changes have been so quick. Others are floundering because their expectations were so great on how these changes would make radical differences to their lives. - and didn't. I believe that the greatest advice I was ever given was never to have expectations.. To learn to live without expectation is the greatest change we can gift to ourselves.

Expectation is a part of will and not necessarily what our blueprint in life is all about. Most certainly we were given free will and choice as part of our learning role in this incarnation. We can, however learn to use these two gifts in a softer more amenable manner. We can float gently down the stream and go with the current or we can rush with the outboard motor roaring and so miss some of the scenery along the way. This is choice. we can come to a bend in the creek and sit for a while on the shore or we can continue paddling softly, quietly and evenly into the river. It really doesn't matter how we choose to paddle our canoe, we eventually get to the spot we were meant to be. We can do this in elegance and style or wet and dishevelled - we still get there. Wherever there is - for us. It is not meant to take a passenger in our canoe for this journey - unless we choose that the passenger be another aspect of ourselves for this period of time. For this journey that we are travelling is within. We are learning to know ourselves. To find the truth of who we are - who we really are! This journey can be as hard or as easy as we choose to make it.

We can learn to look about us and notice the signs and symbology, not only of words but of all that nature and our environment can offer as guidance in our quest. When choice is being made there are many avenues - other than asking another's opinion - that are there to show us the way. A bird on the windowsill, the ray of sun which hits a certain spot in a particular manner. The ring of a doorbell or a chance encounter all can have meaning - if we let it be so. A memory of another time in another dimension all have significance to the choice. Go inward and allow all that God has already given to you be your stream of life.

For this first emailed newsletter I give to you the symbology of the following poem - written by me for a very special lady. I think the words are appropriate for us all at this time.

The might of the roar was heard
by all
as the warrior drew his mighty sword.
At his feet in death
all he had slain with just one blow
from the mighty sword.
In his heart compassion.
The duty done to appease the lord
he had come to serve.
Weary of war he did ask
"Why was his need to serve in this way?"
His soul, weray of the fight, compassion was his way
the lesson for this path.
He knew the joy of love. His soul did come from light.
Why then did he need to be the warrior - and fight?
He stopped on the battlefield edge
to listen with an inner ear
and knew that in this life, fight was right
and indeed the might
of size and strength
was required to shelter
all who had need to enter
in safety from the fight.
Not for all - the battlefied
where daily, death
was the norm.
He could with his mighty sword
show how the battle could be won
in shelter form the storm.
He sheathed his sword - duty done.
His heart did cry out with joy
-freedom was his to enjoy.
A trophy for his shelf, compassion
in his heart
of this, there was no doubt.
His Lord did smile in victory at the battle won.
It wa now time to reward those who had stood by his side.
His gift to all, was freedom and choice to live as desired
from the heart,
without the rage of battle
in compassion, peace and love.
                                                   4th July, 2000
May you always walk your path with integrity
in peace, happiness, love and compassion.

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