In earlier times HuMan slept from sundown to sunup. Nowadays, for the majority of adults, modern living 
and lifestyle allows for about  6 1/2 hours sleep each night. Bonjarup tucked under the flap or your pillow sends aromamatic scents to help create your dreamtime as restful and happy. The combined scents of the potpourri of dried petals and herbs brings opportunity to gain insight into dreaming. Some folk tuck the Bonjarup sachet between the sheets during the day so that the aroma induces physical relaxation when you climb into bed.

If you have difficulty in sleeping then there are many teas available to induce a feeling of relaxation before going to bed. Meditation as well as the Reiki symbols also assist in relaxing the mind so that fall asleep more easily and more importantly, stay asleep.

Insomnia is not a disease it's a symptom of other issues in life. Stress and depression are the two greatest causes for not being able to sleep. The mind worries and rattles, linking into all the thoughts of the previous day. Insomnia is a growing trend as people work more hours after sundown. Computers have attracted the addictiveness of just one last type of the keyboard which may go on until the wee hours leaving your mind too stimulated to allow for 'shut down' and restful sleep. Some medications may cause a change in sleeping patterns. Diseases such as Fibromyalgia can be the cause of not being able to stay asleep. If it's a medical condition then professional advise should be sought. BonJarup sachets are not intended as a formula to treat disease - they are a means to increase the ability to sweet and happy sleep.

Good sleep, like good nutrition is an essential part of health. How to achieve it can cause much  concern resulting in more stress.

BonJarup sachets last and last and last. If you feel that the aroma is not as strong as you would like it may be 'topped up' by dropping several drops of any essential oil which resonates with you. Circles of Life International are not selling or recommending any one kind at this time, but we would be happy to advise you on something appropriate should you drop us a line. Professional consultations are available. Information on consultations are found by clicking on Taworri page.
Gaele Arnott (

As with all product in the Gailea range of products for the Circles of Life International, BonJarup has been vibrationally charged with sound and symbol to personalise

                                                                      BonJarup is priced at $20 AUD which includes  
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                                                                                  you may purchase Bonjarup through PayPal, by                                                                                    direct bank debit or through western union

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Buy this
BonJarup Dimensions: 8" x 6" (20cms x15.2 cms)
The word BonJarup literally transcribed means
                             " a meeting place for Happy Sleep"

BonJarup is a handmade sachet (8" x 6" or 20cms x 15.2cms) designed to aid in sweet and restful sleep. The potpouri of flowers and herbs has been vibrationally treated with colour, sound and symbols to enhance the resonance with your personal energy fields. Drops of Flower and Crystal essences have been included in the mix so that your sleep may reach the optimum effect necessary for you.