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The principles for Circles of Life International, Gaele Arnott, Rupunda (Malcolm Humphreys), and Louise of Circles of Life International are exponents through experiential and academic learning, of life.

Their understandings of life on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes comes as gifts to be shared with each, as you follow your own pathways of life. It is the wish of Gaele Arnott, Rupunda (Malcolm Humphreys) and Louise that you may find an easier pathway along the road of your life. To find the blueprint and become the Master of our own Destiny is a goal we all share.

We all from time to time stumble, when the path becomes uneven. It is at this time we need a "hand to hold" or an ear to hear our woes. Maybe the climb has become too steep and another loving human hand provides the support, until each can once again find the space within to create our own energy to reach the top of the mountain. Sometimes the climb is long and arduous. Sometimes our heart does race, as breathless we arrive at the top. Whatever the manner of climb, to know someone is there to succour and welcome, and to provide the warmth for recuperation is the service the Circles of Life International does provide.

For of one thing we can be sure and that tomorrow there is always another path to tread and another mountian to climb. As the sun and moon do eternally dance they bring as their gift, the new day with a new dawn shining brightly to show us the way through life. Circles of Life International invites you to share with us your dreams, that we may also share our learning in assisting you to reach the top of your mountain.

from our Heart and Soul to your Heart and Soul
Gaele Arnott, Rupunda (Malcolm Humphreys),  Louise

Louise do Amaral
United Kingdom
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Gaele Arnott
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Rupunda (Malcolm Humphreys)
Malayasia   (1945-2007)
Gaele Arnott Australia
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Louise  United Kingdom
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Malcolm Humphreys  1945-2007