He who rides the Rainbow Wind
in the Rainbow Body

Malcolm Humphreys
24 October 1945 - 4 August 2007
Circles of Life Coaching International

achieving the dreams of mind,body &spirit
alchemist, visionary, author & poet
taking you into the 21st Century
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Malcolm - Hazri - JagGY -  Rupunda
    Rupunda guides you within these pages, as life
                      that space where  the heart may soar to meet the mind, body and spirit.

Born Malcolm Humphreys in Perth, Australia in 1945. He transcended from the Earth plane on th 4th August 2007. He travelled through five (5) continents working in (20) twenty countries. Starting his professional life at 16 as an Office Boy and progressing through a wide cross section of industries to reach the position of Managing Director. This occurred over a period of 45 years by applying the lessons of life, (and obtaining a few paper qualifications) along the way. He learnt to understand the people and culture from every country, he was blessed to spend a part of his life in, before arriving in Malaysia,
An Australian by birth (and still and Australian). A Malaysian permanent resident -
His heart now belongs to THE WORLD.
A perfect Balance between East and West.

Rupunda worked as a Corporate Transformational Healer - helping companies to find balance and return to health and growth. As a Life Vision Integration Coach he helped us find our true inner self and soar like the eagle to the heights we can all achieve when we believe in ourselves. In his Human Resource Development Consultancy he designs and facilitates programmes for Companies that help others find the hidden beauty within themselves. In finding their inner strength in the contribution each makes, creates growth for their company and their Nation to shine.

In 1995, he contracted a life debilitating condition (Peripheral Neuropathy) and was told that he would never walk again. Well he does!... He shares with us all through his daily guidance message, The 13Th Diamond, the experiential lessons and wisdom he has learned on this journey.

Rupunda was living proof that "whatever the Mind can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, it can ACHIEVE."

During his recovery he experienced a SOUL TRANSFER

Rupunda converted from Christianity to Islam but saluted the God power in every person and every religion.  He  performed his Pilgrimage to Mecca earning him the title in Muslim Circles of Hajji.

His friends referrred to him as the Only Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Muslim they know.

Others referred to him as the CHIEF COURT JESTER as in medieval times it was the JESTER who told the RULER what needed to BE told without risking his head.

Rupunda before becoming Jag discovered Guan Yin in a Hallmark Channel movie based around the Chinese Classic "Journey to the West". She was been an integral part of Jag's life. The GY in JagGy are Guan Yin's initials

He says " I have learned that when I believe in happiness, love, prosperity, and abundance and let the Love of the Universe and the Love of Kwan Yin handle the details - everything works out the right way and the impossible becomes the possible."

Rupunda has discovered that the Universe is a lesson of Balance.

Rupunda helps us find the Balance in all our endeavours,
be they in the Corporate, Personal or Spiritual World.

I possess the power to say  I AM.
No one can say it for me.
I now believe I AM what I want to be.
I live, move and have my being in the knowledge that
no person, place or thing can get in before me  or
prevent me from being what I long to be.
For according to my belief it is done to me.

Rupunda  learnt the lesson that everything in the universe happens at the right time, at the right place for the right reason and it serves us. The Universe is a lesson in life and every situation is a lesson for us to learn. As we learn the lesson we grow and develop. If we decline the lesson it repeats until the lesson can no longer be avoided.

As Rupunda he moves into the Mayan energy of OC, that of breakthrough, new beginnings, relationships, companions of destiny, emotional-body issues, recasting the past, spiritual strength, guardians and guides with the number TEN (Manifestation) and the Spiritual colour of TEAL.

Rupunda was the faithful arrow that flies into destiny's dawning, open to new beginnings receiving guardians and guides.

Rupunda Humphreys was an acknowledged writer in the area of Spirituality, as it applies to the workplace and our daily lives. His articles were and are published internationally.

He wrote a column in the Malaysian Sunday Star ( every second Sunday in the STAR MAGAZINE supplement "Fit for Life"
under the by-line The Ooranya Kalori

He taught and uses crystals, Energy and Colour.

Rupunda was a Principal facilitator in the Circles of Life Seminars and Programs.

After the FIRST Hurricane of Happiness seminar in Australia , and while he rested in the
EYE of the HURRICANE, he was visited by the Council of Five from Andromeda, Rupunda was blessed with the energy of the Archangel Jophiel.
He discovered in HIS SEARCH for TRUTH, he had to enter the cocoon and DIE
then allow THE DIVINE to spin the thread of his life into the finest silk thread that combined with the finest silk strands of others who had also died to self they would be threaded through the EYE OF THE NEEDLE to create permanent Masterpiece

Rupunda was been blessed with the highest spiritual accolade of all -That of Teacher.

Together with Bodhisattva Guan Yin, Milarepa, Wen Shu, the angels of HuMURG, and Aisha (wife of the prophet of Islam) Rupunda invites you to become one with the Rainbow Wind and be REBORN in YOUR RAINBOW BODY enabling you to continue your SOUL CONTRACT JOURNEY.

When he visited the Tibetan Monastery in Nepal he was empowered and Blessed with the name Pema Sangey LOTUS BUDDHA.

Recently Rupunda as Jag co-facilitated The 13 Galaxy Borabadur Empowerment for a group of Cosmic Troubadors. He was visited and assisted by the Galactic Council of 13 Galaxies and now channels the Council's message to Earth in THE GALACTIC EXPRESS (

All of humanity can be empowered as long as we are willing to use our empowerment.

Rupunda through the Cosmic Buddha at Borabadur (Indonesia)
is a
True Cosmic Troubador

Now reborn again moving with the Rainbow Wind in his Rainbow Body,
He invites us all to bring the Rainbow into our life and
Rainbow Eagles
Fly where we have never flown before.

I am Rupunda. The Rainbow Wind and Body.
I weave together the energies and dreams of like vibration, harmoniously alighting in synergistic unity upon the crest of the wave of destiny.
In many forms, from many dimensions does my nourishment join you on your destiny's quest? I am the knowing recognition, the deep comprehension in the eyes that actually meet and see the magnificence of who you really are. I embody the mythic recognition, joyfully bringing together those who share the same vision and purpose. I am the sweet release that pours from the words.
"I do remember!" I am the sacred trust in the words
"This we shall do" I am the joy of the many sharing nourishment of the one heart.
Free yourself from the torment of the past that once held you captive within the illusion.
Liberate yourself from the tyranny of the emotional drama. Break through to new patterns and possibilities. Let the soothing ethers of my acknowledgement envelop and renew you.
Then, releasing you tenderly,
I will offer you to the light of new beginnings. In myriad forms guides and allys await, proffering strength and courage for your journey.
I stand before you now, companion of destiny, offering a potent point of access. Open your heart!
Your sense of purpose will draw to you, like iron filings to a galactic magnet, loving hands to clasp your own, knowing eyes to reflect your heart's yearning, and the remembrance of a scared song that you may sing together in the rapture of a shared dream realized.

Through Heart Knowing
  I am in natural alignment with the
Divine Will
achieving the dreams of mind,body &spirit
achieving the dreams of mind,body &spirit
Sah Ya Nor Bu Ru Pun Da Sah Ya Sha Perfection Manifests within
Ride Rupunda's Rainbow to Riches