Hj Mohd Hazri Malcolm Humphreys                                     Gaele Arnott
   24 October 1945 ~ 4 Aug 2007
   (Rupunda, Jag, JagGY, Hazri)
Individual mentoring/coaching and personal consultations are available, by appointment with  Gaele  person or via telephone/Skype.

A wealth of learning both through education and Life's Pathway enables each of them to bring these shared experiences to you.

Rupunda born an Australian, passed from this life 4th August 2007
Gaele lives in Australia.

To arrange an appointment you may telephone or email:

Gaele Arnott in Brisbane Australia + 61 (0) 407 988 405
email:  Gaele gaele.arnott@gmail.com

First consultation $120 AUD        
Second consultation $88 AUD

ongoing Mentoring programmes (Australian spelling) $300 (AUD) per month. 

The monthly Mentoring programme includes:
                    1. initial consultation (by appointment) - either in person or by phone or Skype
                    2. weekly consultation (by appointment) by phone or Skype
                     3. 2-3 emails weekly as support.

all payments are made in advance through PayPal, western union or direct bank debit. Cheques will be accepted but must be cleared before consultation, with the international bank charge paid by the sender.
Malcolm Humphreys (Rupunda)
24 October 1945 ~ 4 August 2007
First consultation
First consultation
Second consultation
Second consultation
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Gaele Arnott
email: gaele.arnott@gmail.com
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Gaele Arnott
PO Box 2368, Ascot, Qld., 4007 Australia
mobile phone:  + 61 (0)407 988 405