Ejorri & Caorri
  Spiritual, Emotional & Financial Prosperity
Circles of Life International
(Malcolm Humphreys 1945-2007)

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Ejorri assists to contain Prosperity, happiness and longevity/wealth
* God of Tibet
.* Rolling in heavy wealth.
* Ability to see opportuniy and obtain it.

Caorri eliminates sadness and sufferings. Achieves good luck. Liberation from the 6 realms (aggression / losses/ carelesness / anger & quarrelsome / ignorance / misery). Caorri helps in the develpment of the 6 paramitas (joyous effort / ethics / concentration / giving & loving-kindness / wisdom / determination) It clears bad Karma and evil influences. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parami/ for meaning of complete Paramitas) Paramita in Sanskrit basically means 'perfection' or transcendant'

Both Ejorri and Caorri are created from 39 crystal beads. The tail of the Ejorri has 3 crystal beads representative of past, present and future combined to create for you spiritual, emotional and financial prosperity. Ejorri is designed to stay with you all the time. It allows you to immediate access to the mantras embedded for your personal use. It does not need your personal sacred space to allow the stillness of mind to connect with the heartspace.

Caorri has 6 crystal beads in the tail representative of the journey you undertake each and everyday in moving through a modern world. Caorri assists in achieving the intended result of the day which has included clearing and healing all Karmic debts of past, present and future. Caorri is about travel. Some people may choose to hang Caorri in the car. Others may carry Caorri on any journey.

The 39 crystal beads in each of the Ejorri and the Caorri is so that the circle may be carried more easily and readily than the Taworri. Taworri is created from 117 beads (9 x 13). The 39 beads in Ejorri and Caorri are a combination of 3 x 13 beads. This keeps the energy of the Taworri while making it easier for the user should they wish to carry the smaller version with them.

117 is believed to be the number which represents the new energy allowing us all to access the energetic revolutions required by our evolving DNA to meet soul purpose, as recognised through our subconscious mind to remind the conscious mind of the Divine Matrix of Life.

To use either Ejorri or Caorri the circle of crystal beads would still be held in the left hand and then chant the mantra 117 times - going three times around the circle to meet the 117 count

Kergunyup is the reminder to use all the tools available to you. Kergunyup reminds you of the purpose you intended when purchasing Ejorri, Caorri or Taworri (or you may feel the need to utilise all three) Taworri comes with a certificate of authe nticity and the chosen Mantra. A mantra is given during the creation time for the Ejorri and Caorri and this will be forwarded to you with your product. Like the Taworri you need to allow approximately 5 weeks for deliver from the time the receipt of purchase has been received

Both Ejorri and Caorri are sold at $109 USD including postage ($89 + 20 = 109)
and payment may be made through: Pay Pal, western union or direct bank debit.
If you wish for further details on how to deposit money please email :
Gaele Arnott gaele.arnott@gmail.com

All tools suggested through this site Cosmic Evolution on behalf of Circles of Light International are meant to be fun and make your heart sing. It is important to not place an expectation on any tool used as each product will give you the right energy at the right time. Sometimes the energy is subtle and sometimes it's confronting. If you feel overwhelmed or emotional then email Gaele and we will endeavour to chat with you through Skype or telephone.