The earth has suffered for many milleniums and it is now time to set the records "straight" and to heal and protect the earth which has always sustained and nurtured us. It is time to recognise and honour the mother who has given so tirelessly. It is time to nurture her, THE PLANET EARTH

by Gaele Arnott

Understand the source of all our sorrow
comes from the depths of our cellular level.
Take the drops of our essence
that the memories contained therein
will bring the assistance of relief when the load is too heavy.
Allow the sympathy
you already feel for all that is on and in the planet
to be wrapped in the congeniality of love.
Use the assistance from the essence of our being
to fill your heart with warmth and colour
so that you may also share with others
this feeling of love.
With our essence we provide assistance to 'thought"
so that both our heart and mind continue to expand in love,
enabling you through the balance of your being
to succour everything and everyone
with love and mercy
and compassion

by Gaele Arnott

The bell sounds the chimes of liberty
as we release to you all aspects of our being
that we may enable you to be free.
We offer our assitance to all aspects of your being,
which may be in need of liberty.
The warrior in the battle does not stand alone but has support of comrades.
Our essence is the comrade who stands by your side in battle.
We cleanse and purify all aspects
of the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.
The purity permeates the physical aspect of you
aiding in the strength which has always been yours.
The Liberty bell has pealed
calling all men to arms,
warning of the dangers and the fight to come.
Listen to the bell as it chimes once more for you.
Listen to the distance, created from your essence.
You no longer need to wait.
The bell no longer tolls for you.

by Gaele Arnott

Refugees pour across the border.
Small and confused they huddle, in bewilderment.
The sounds of war tears at the heart of our being
as we listen to the senselessness of man.
Her curves were soft and rounded
before they came
to rape
and tear apart the homes of those she loves.
I give shelter to those that need it
and do explain
in terms and tones, as softly as I can
that the war will end and they will,
be able to rebuild their homes
The young romp together
on the green grass of my lawn,
their tummies full.
Anxious parents dash to and fro,
preparing for the long night ahead.
Their wishes and desires were not considered
as in greed,
it was decreed
their homes be demolished
and the mother
who had nurtured them from birth
Her form now changed.
taken from her against her will,
that which she most cherished.
No softly flowing curves, but straight smooth sides.
White teeth smile in faces from her dust,
in satisfaction
that two more houses may be built,
now that they have straightened
The creek.
My tears flow, in sadness
at the desolation I now see.
I extend, in love and compassion,
sympathy and support from those who
do truly care to: Downfall Creek, West Chermside 4032.

I live beside this beautiful spot. I sat at my computer and saw through the  window beautiful green grass, fruit trees and palms trees. Now I can see clothes lines and high fences. This is the progess of man.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book "Come, Walk with Me" by Gaele Arnott which includes these and other poems, it can be purchase by sending a cheque for $aus25 
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As part of the healing process for the earth and Downfall Creek, this following poem was written at a small ceremony we had to heal the suffering of the animal kingdom and the new direction of the creek. It may be read by clicking on the title, and view it within the pages of POSITIVE OUTCOME. This site recognises a special lady Aansha Jones.
In the wake of Downfall Creek

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