Essays from the Soul is a book of channelled articles from the essence of the Lord Maitreya. They are topics which have been asked for by people attending the channelled evenings. The first entry in the book is The Journey which is presented on this page, at this time. Other topics of interest may be added upon request. As a multi-dimensional channel the message always comes from the source most appropriate to the question. The topics in this book are: Doubts and Fears; Karma; Parallel Realities; Abundance and Prosperity; Alchemy (magic or mystery); Relationships; Autumn Harvest; Self Esteem; Communication.


This is your story and the history of all humankind.
In the beginning there was ONE, and from the one burst forth many seeds and each seed was a soul. Each was just a tiny speck. This was the start of your journey.
Each seed floated from the source, small groups of seeds began to attach one unto the other. This is the beginning of your soul group. Each soul was individual but the collective energy of the seeds had more force and power of purpose. Like wind, rippling along the sand beside the sea, thought started to flow, as a means of communication, from the first group back to the source. The light from the sun smiled on each soul seed and radiated energy to all.
If each seed and each collective group had power of purpose, what is the purpose? If each soul seed had thought, then the thought would generate purpose. The purpose, Thought decided was to return to the source as ONE. But first there was much to experience. Some returned immediately to the source and therefore generated energy of choice. For each seed may choose to travel throughout time and experience all that is and some may choose the shorter journey or indeed no journey at all. It matters not which journey for there is no judgemnt on which manner is right for each soul.
The first soul group thought that it seemed aimless to continue travelling for ever through time, where the sun always shone and the sky was always blue and so another message was sent back to the source to create some fun. Like all messages passed back and forth many different perceptions of thought occurred. Some soul seed goups understood that they needed to create their own fun, and so created a new galaxy and different planets. Some groups felt that this had been decreed and so joined with other soul seed groups in these different planets and galaxies. Some understood the message to be to travel further and so they created galaxies even further away. Some just travelled between the two. Some groups decided to just sit and watch and wait. After a time some of those who just sat watching and waiting felt that different levels of sitting would be fun. So new dimensions were created. Every soul seed had chosen so all were happy? NO!
Disatisfaction had crept into thought. So on some planets in some galaxies some soulseeds thought that they would like to have  FORM. The word of thought spread and each planet in each galaxy created different form. For as usual, the messages relayed one to the other each had a different perception of meaning. Was this not great FUN!?
After a time this game became too boring so a new thought was added to the rules of the game. Swap forms between galaxies and planets and let one soul seed group mix with another soul seed group. But in the playing of this game, it had been overlooked that each form had been created to suit the environment of that particular collective consciousness and would not necessarily transfer. What to do? Form may not transfer but the soul seed could do anything  and travel anywhere as long as the direction was always towards the source with the aim to be ONE. So the soul seeds agreed to leave the form and swap with another form, and this they did.
However the watchers noted that those who swapped did not take with them memory of their achievements in that particular form. So they sent mesasges through thought to take memory with them into each new form if they wished to do so.
After a time this method also became too cumbersome as more and more groups joined in the game. So collective consciusness (thought) decided to encode each soul seed with memory so that if they chose they could access the games played in different forms. This game also grew to become more cumbersome as more and more groups joined in the fun of the game.
Some of the watcher group saw a role for themselves as record keepers. For there were some soul seeds who jumped continually from form to form and became confused as to the memory of the events. These records became known as the Akashic Records. Other galaxies and planets have other names but the record keeping group have remained.
Time continued to flow and groups now intermingled and all continued to travel in the direction of home (ie back to the source). Some soul seed groups thought that this game playing is fun but we will be home too quickly. How then, to continue in the same direction but still play this game?
"We have experienced all the forms, we have stored all the memory, we must know it all.", they thought
But thought said that this soul seed's experience sounded a little different to mine. Was their experience more fun? Maybe we do not break the rule of always travelling towards the source if we just try the experience the other soul seed has had. Some of the watcher group decided that they may like the experience of form after all so they convinced some of those who were travellers to exchange places.
Meanwhile there were those amongst them who noted with concern that all this jumping from form to form created tiredness and they became healers. Others came along who desired to know how the healing took place so some became teachers. This memory they then took with them into form. There was nothing to heal in form so another dimension was added to the game - obstacles. The obstacles caused pain and disease and so healing was required and teaching needed and so it went on. Soon all had experienced everything once again and some decided to add  new.obstacles, like doubts and fears.
After a time seriousness had set in and fun had lost its spontaneity so another dimension was added, LAUGHTER, JOY and GAIETY. All groups agreed that the vibrational energy around these thoughts had so much lightness that the spirit of the soul seed traveleld at a greater frequency so this should be the priority for travel between dimensions. For by now the computations of dimensions were as endless as time itself.
And so, we each travel on. If you wish to access your memory records that is another story for another time and place
(c) April 1998

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