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The name Gramerlay portrays the energy and soul through Air, Fire, Water, Earth. The word depicts the emotion and depth of thought engendered through life's journey.

Each card represents an aspect of Self and how a particular point relates to the moment.
These cards may be used as a healing or a divinatory tool in conjunction with the other Gramerlay Spirit cards in this pack.

Gramerlay is an anagram from the names of the creators for the pack.
The cards originated from a concept in July 2004.
Mary Bird, a skilled tarot reader as well as an accomplished artist was invited to participate in the projected development of cards.
Mary's artwork may be seen at:

The 78 are divided into three categories consisting of 18 Primary Cards, 12 Spirit Cards and 48 Season Cards. The 48 Season Cards are divided into 4 suits:-
Spring (Air)
Summer (Fire)
Autumn (Water)
Winter (Earth)
The cards have been styled in design so that the reader may be guided either by intuition or reason.
Each card has meaning for the "left and right brained" student of life.
An individual card may be extracted from the pack as a daily guidance
The reader may follow either one of the suggested layouts from the (accompanying book)
use their own style of divination.

The Gramerlay Spirit Cards are non-traditional in that each of the four suits has only 12 cards. There are only two court cards as the creators followed the philosophy of equality in gender and ascribed the attributes of gender to the 11th and 12th card in each suit.
The tenth card in each suit not only follows the philosophy of conclusion to that particular pathway (suit) but also allows the reader to go forward through the mythology of the card. The tenth card of each suit follows the seasonal myth celebrated at that time. This allows for the reader, a wider interpretative approach more suited to lifestyle and consciousness of the 21st century.

The Gramerlay Spirit Cards are not intended as a 'crutch' to prop up your life, but as a means of personal growth and transformation which may be used as a daily, weekly or longer term guide.
The true power of The Tarot lies in utilising them as a powerful guide and mentor. The Tarot allows you, the reader to become your own Life Coach.

Gramerlay Spirit Cards