Stones have been carried as a talisman or an amulet since time began. A pretty River Stone or rock caught the eye of the hunter which he took home as a gift for a loved one. Or, he kept the stone as his lucky stone.
The Hu-Man has been painting and carving rock and stone long before language became a form of communication. Symbols were translated as meaning and then became phrases or words. As each Hu-Man became more skilled in linguistics many of the symbols faded from the conscious mind, stored for generations in the genetic sub-conscious. As consciousness rises so does the need to understand our beginnings - we need to find the sacred part of ourselves buried in the soul and now being brought forth by the heart.
Gathered from river beds around the world the beautiful Kergunyup river stones come in a variety of colours, painted by Mother Nature to bring you the joy She had in the creation of them. Kergunyup comes in a variety of colours, cream, white, peach, dark and light brown, speckled and spotted each empowered with your own personal sacred symbol. Each Kergunyup has been vibrationally treated with Sun and song before being hand painted with your sacred symbol. The symbol is 'found' by allowing the mind to reach the place of Inner Silence where it may talk with your soul for what is most appropriate for you right now.
Just as we resonate with more than one colour or sound so do we each have more than one sacred symbol. When the Soul and the mind meet, a place of calm and serenity surrounds allowing for the opportunity to let go of all worries and stress.  Kergunyup is a tool which fits in the palm of your hand. The smoothness of the stone as created by Mother Nature soothes and nurtures allowing space in which you may find your own Inner Silence. In that place of Silence, the language of the ages meets the modern word enabling each person to meet thought in a less stressful manner. It is easier to manifest your dreams when stress and worry disappear. Kergunyup is a tool enabling the positive to override the negative. As with all tools it may take practise to reach the experience you desire.

As you sit with Kergunuyp say aloud or quietly to yourself:

"It is time to heal my heart.
Everyday is a new beginning, where love can grow.
I release all doubts and fears.
I place my trust in God and the Universe.
I ask that my angels, guides and archangels support me each and everyday.
I give thanks for the abundance which surrounds me
and in humility ask it meet in prosperity all my dreams and goals."

Kergunuyp may be carried in pocket or purse
and comes to you in it's own Sacred pouch.
Kergunyup reminds you at all times to be aware
of all that is positive around you.

Kergunyup may be purchased for $25 AUD including postage through
paypal, western union or by direct debit into the bank account.

Each Kergunyup is personally chosen and painted on receipt of order and money.
Each stone takes about 7 days for the process to complete as it is charged with your personal signature as 'gathered' from soul to soul by Gaele .

Further enquiries may be sent via email to:
Gaele Arnott

Circles of Life International
JagGY  (Malcolm Humphreys)

Gaele Arnott
Po Box 2368, Ascot, Qld., 4011 Australia
mobile phone:  + 61 (0)407 988 405

This page has been created by Gailea
each Kergunyup stone is vibrationally charged with sun and song, painted with a sacred symbol,  empowering you
to Let Go and Simply Be!