Whether it be parents, siblings or children, family relationships guide us through many stages of learning. They are part of our Soul contract, designed by us before we incarnated that we may always have near at hand someone connected through bloodline. The stored memories of genetic DNA reactivate in this lifetime behaviours and thought patterns which require healing in order for future generations to meet the needs of tomorrow's world.

Along the way through life's journey, we meet many people who create a new scene in which we enact a sereis of events which take us to the next stage of development both in the physcial and spiritual roles we've chosen to play, this time.

The Mandala on this page is meant to assist  in attracting to you the people  most needed to create the part you need to play in life. It may be in repairing an existing relationship or to simply restore the fun and joy you need within your life. A realtionship is anything you wish it to be. It may be as much with various aspects of Self, as with another person, God, nature or a four footed friend. Relationship is however you want it to be.

You may physically choose to gather to you tools such as the peony flower or rose quartz. It is advisable that these tools should be always in pairs to form a happy and contented relationship path. The principle is the same whether you wish to improve an existing relationship or form a new one - be guided by your heart. Listen to the inner guidance which directs the path for you. If you wish to create a vibrational essence Red Rose will lend it's energy to you, sharing the following message of healing.

The unity of love transcends all on the physical plane.
For love unites.
The unification of all begins, and continues, into infinity
with the understanding of how we are at one with everything in creation.
As we understand how to love ourselves
so to do we understand how love extends
and encompasses
The relationship commences with the flame within the self.
This flame lights the candle,
which we carry into all the aspects of our relationships.
                   Take my essence with love
                         as you heal a particular aspect of relationship.
                                                         Gaele Arnott © 1998

The Relationship Mandala and words may be received for Free as a downloadable pdf file by contacting
Gaele Arnott  or Rupunda
If you wish to have a laminated A4 size hard copy forwarded to you then the cost is $15USD including postage and handling, payable through paypal, direct bank debit or western union.
The Mandala and verse are posted on receipt of purchase.
Each printed laminated copy has the Circles of Life International seal with a Limited edition number included.
To use the Mandala print it out so that it may be used as a tool either under the pillow while you sleep or carried with you.

All aspects of relationship do call in tune to memory.
They do recall the needs and desire of the song we sang
in times long past throughout genetic history.
Karma resolved through this journey now,
leaves time and space to fill again
with relationships of a different kind.
Companionship, love, friendship is the genre most desired
with physical fellowship traveling together
the journey to complete here on Planet Earth.
A single crystal, rose quartz does reflect
the thousand eyes of peacock
as together with peopny they do bring the charm and wit desired
to bring forth the courage required
to meet new friendship with a soul mate.
A mate to meet the needs now new of the current journey we undertake
to fulfill the destiny we agreed to take
for creating a fresh new world, here on Planet Earth

Gaele Arnott, Brisbane Australia © March 2007

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