The Omlacaellgemup Pilgrimage ~ days 1 - 5 ~
Although dates are given here for the journey of 2006-2007, the pilgrimage may be travelled at your own time and in your own way. It's meant to be enlightening and FUN!!

The Omlacaellgemup Pilgrimage is  a series of meditations each day visiting different places with high spiritual energy which we can utilise to enhance our own journey at this time of change. The journey is meant to empower you in recognising your own potential for growth and transformation in whatever way is appropriate for you. Intially we travelled together through the dates as shown above, but it is intended that the Omlacellgemup Pilgrimage may be travelled at anytime as a means of personal growth &  transformation.

Omlacaellgemup is interpreted to mean ~ in spirit I meet you with love
Om being a sound of high vibration utilised to increase the spiritual energy
la is the french feminine word intending in this interpretation to represent the Divine Feminine frequency.
cael (l) is from the Welsh  - to have. In the gaelic there is no exact interpretation for this word so definition is inexact but the intention of "to have" is of importance within the meaning of the word.
gem is familiar to us all as being a stone of value - something precious which we value
up is part of an australian aboriginal language which when included in a word means 'meeting place'
so we come to ~ in spirit I meet you with love ~

For the pilgrimage it is advisable to have a Taworri or a smaller version the Pijorri. It is not compulsory to purchase these although they are available through this website. You can make or create your own. As long as you have a circle of 117 beads or knots as a means to count your chant as you move into the energy of each days meditation. It is also suggested that you have a rainbow rope, either created from wool, string or any other material if youa re unable to purchase one. It is a reminder of who you are and why you choose to undertake this pilgrimage.

For protection and guidance ask to accompany you 17 Masters. They share through your subcoscious knowing all the knowledge which you will need for the journey.

Day 1                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                    We meet together at Ha'apai, an                                                                                                                        island in the Tonga group just west
                                                                                                                    of the International Date line and
                                                                                                                   slightly north east of New Zealand.
                                                                                                                We meet by intent  at dawn (sunrise)
                                                                                                                 and greet the day as we bathe in the                                                                                                                 clear waters of Ha'apai with the chant
                                                                                                                 using your beads  ( each bead once
                                                                                                               117 times on your Taworri or Pijorri)                                                                                                                          Loh Noh Vah Pah
                                                                                                                (I come to find the  Devine in me)
                                                                                                           &  wearing or holding your rainbow rope

Loh No Vah Pah ~ I come to find the Devine in me ~

Using the Mandala as you chant allows your mind to centre and remain grounded as you return to phsyical focus. The Mandala moves you into a space of Divine Grace as you continue your own personal journey as well as have the intent to assist all those in need, worldwide find balance for themselves.

Day 2                                                 Sointula, on Malcolm Island, British Columbia, Canada.
                                                          In linear time Sointula is 21 hours behind Ha'apai. Our intent is to be                                                                above linear time  and to understand that for the purpose of our journey                                                           there is no time. Time has no boundaries except those which are man                                                                made. We exist together as one people in one world, journey in together                                                            for the purpose of education for the soul. The lessons we create for                                                                  ourselves gift us knowledge, understanding and wisdom which will carry us through eternity on our homeward journey. We travel as soulmates back to The Source from which we came. As we sit in meditation by intent, at sunrise we chant the mantra (one bead x 117 times) for the day
               Ma Zi Ee Za Li Na Ni Na (There is "No Time". Heaven is open. Ask and Receive, NOW!!!)

                                          MA Zi Ee Za Li Na Ni NA
            "There is "No Time". Heaven is open. Ask and Receive, NOW!
The Orca whale in the graphic, behind the Mandala is here to remind us that we are protected at all times.  Even when we fall into that place of distrust, now quite believing that everything is possible, The Orca whale assists us in releasing all doubts and fear so that we may move forward in our own personal journey.

Day 3

We gather together at sunrise at Machu Piccu sits in  a similar time zone to Sointula in British Columbia. In culture and spiritual practise they are quite different. Yet, we are all One People learning to live in harmony with each other. The fact that Machu Piccu remains long after the Inca people were almost 'wiped out' by disease from invasion and war, allows us to see how the Universe does store and keep for us those sacred places which we need to know and understand as part of our journey.
We use the mantra Ra BA Va Car Ni So La Da  which means: 
from near and far you come to me
secrets to uncover
Gaze into my sacred heart
and ask for what you seek
and in the sitllness you will hear
the answers to your quest.

As you sit quietly you may be shown the portal to Atlantis. Allow yourself to see how the energy was used both properly and inproperly. Take the time to understand the importance of the gifts you have received and how we may be guided in the use of all that we are gifted.

Ra Ba Va Car Ni So La Da
Allow yourself to use the Mandala to move inward to that place of quiet where knowledge may move forward inot the conscious mind. If at first this doesn't happen for you, know that just by siting wiht the intent that the knowledge you already hold has moved forward to rest 'within reach'. As you sit and listen through the heart each day, change and transformation will come.

Day 4
                                                                                      We meet again at sunrise (by intent) in the heart of                                                                                           Australia, the centre of a landmass, geologically the                                                                                          oldest on our planet. Uluru (previously known as Ayers                                                                                        Rock) is the largest monolith in the world. The largest                                                              being Mount Augusta also in Australia.
                                                                                     Uluru illustrates how timeless our planet is and how                                                                                           we as people are gifted the caretakers for the                                                                                                     sacredness of the genetic memory such timelessness                   does bring.
                                                                                     Uluru is an icon of spirituality, showing how the sacred                                                                                    sites do endure. It holds within it's memory all the stories                                                                                      learned in all realities. Painted on it's structure are the                                                                  sacred symbols of our indiginous ancestors
For me, as I sit in the phsycial or virtual reality of Uluru I find a portal to Lemuria. Tall pilars of crystal are the gateway to world of learning and understanding
As you begin your mantra, holding or wearing your rainbow rope and acknowledging all those masters, Angels and guides who travel with you, listen also to the interpretation of the mantra. With your Taworri or Pijorri once x each 117 beads:     Ya Dang Na Dang Da Lu U Ru
Uluru is the portal to the Earth Crystal
Through me you are always grounded.

Ya Dang Nah Dang Da Ul U Ru

Day 5

We meet at Johanesburg to journey through the Cradle of Humankind towards the Tswaing meteorite crater.
The Tswaing crater is outside the village of Vredefort just north of Pretoria. Not classified as a sacred site (yet!!) it allows us to understand the hundreds of thousands of years which have gone into the formation of our planet. The Cradle of Humankind has fascinated anthropolgists with the fossils and humanoid remains collected there. Africa has quietly gone it's way, largely ignored by the modern world, holding to it's heart spiritual and sacred places yet to impact on our consciousness. As more people awaken to who they are and why they are here, the myriad of information to be gained from Africa will clear misconceptions and misuse of many words previously written. As you count your mantra through your Taworri (117) or Pijorri (39) beads,  allow your mind to wander through the interpretation of the mantra finding that portal of ascension and through which you travelled at birth, The Arcturian Portal. Since early 2002 new souls have not used the Arcturian portal, but we the readers of this article have all travelled the Arcturian Pathway. While you are here in this place today allow yourself the opportunity to access this portal and gain access to your own pathway. It matters not from which galaxy the meteorite did descend - the message is clear. Move yourself through my seed into all realities. Begin to see and hear from this day forth the meaning of why we came.

Sa Cha Da Nah Mi Nee So Sa
Absorb my seeds, then scatter them far.

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Omalacaellgemup Pilgrimage  - Day 1 in Tonga Islands
Omalacaellgemup Pilgrimage  - Day 2 in Sointula, Malcolm Island, BC,  Canada
Omalacaellgemup Pilgrimage  - Day 3 in Macchu Piccu, Peru
Omalacaellgemup Pilgrimage  - Day 4 in Uluru, Australia
Omalacaellgemup Pilgrimage  - Day 5 in Tswaing meteorite Crater, South Africa
Day 1 - Ha'Apai
Day 1 - Ha'Apai
Day 2 - Sointula
Day 2 - Sointula
Day 3 - Machu Piccu
Day 3 - Machu Piccu
Day 4 -  Uluru
Day 4 -  Uluru
Day 5 - South Africa
Day 5 - South Africa
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Complete set    -  days 1 ~ 10
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