Omlacaellgemup Pilgrimage ~ Day 6 - 10 ~
Day 11 - at Home again
Day 6 ~ Stonehenge, Britain
Wo Oh Ni Ai Dha Zhi Wo Oh
We ask for the blessing of being attuned to timeless wisdom in our Heart, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Hands & Feet.
Day 6 - Stonehenge
Day 6 - Stonehenge
Omlacaellgemup Pilgrimage   Day 6 ~ Stonehenge

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aerial view of Stonehenge found at:
Wen Shu
We gather at Sunrise in Stonehenge, Wiltshire to greet the day. Wearing your rainbow rope and carrying your taworri or piorri know that amongst the MAsters today, Wen Shu the Bodhisattiva of Wisdom, travels with us. She asks that as we chant Wo Oh Ni Ai Dha Zhi Wo Oh we allow ourselves to move into that palce of silence where we may attune ourselves to all the ancient wisdom of past ages and of all galaxies. She grants us the ability to understand for ourselves the connection we require at this moment in time which will allow our journey to continue in a manner appropriate for ourself.
Stonehenge at this time is a portal to all galaxies ~ all knowledge ~ of past, present and future
It is beleived that Stonehenge dates back to approximately 2800 B.C. but there is no exact date.
Why the structure of 30 stones weighing some 26 tons was created is not clear. Certainly since written records were kept it has been thought to be an area of tremendous spirituality and sacredness. All stones are palces so that each equinox the sun is perfectly balanced between the stones. At the time of construction, 5,000 + years ago, the Earth's orbit was quite different, so the question arises why do they balance for us in our time zone? Stonehenge is along a major Earth gridline and connects with so many sacred places around the planet.
Around the time of the first conquest by Julius Caesar in 55 BC it was reportedly a significant Spiritual place. Much of the mystery of Stonehenge has been attributed to the Druids
Day 7.  ~ Mecca
Mantra : Ta Pi Ta Ra Ja Ba Nor Bu
             "On sacred ground I stand one with all"

We meet, by intent together at sunrise at Mecca and listen to the words of the opening of the Quran:

All praise is due to God alone, the sustainer of the worlds,
The most gracious the dispenser Lord of the Day of Judgement
Thee alone do we worship and unto thee alone do we turn to aid
Guide us the straight way The way of those upon whom Thou has bestowed Thy blessings.

Until about 20 years ago Mecca as a place of pilgrimage was open to all people of all cultures and religious belief.

We bathe in the waters of Zam Zam and we chant our mantra,Ta Pi Ta Ra Ja Ba Nor Bu in front of the black stone. Many believe that this stone fell from heaven during the time of Adam and Eve. That it was once pure and white but has become black because of the sins of humanity it has absorbed over the years.

You will find more information on ZamZam and the Black Stone at these links:
Black Stone - Mecca
Day 7 - Mecca
Day 7 - Mecca
Omlacaellgemup Pilgrimage ~ Day 7 Mecca
Day 8 ~ The River Ganges
Omlacaellgemup Pilgrimage - Day 8 - The River Ganges
Mantra: Me Za Ta Da
Wash, Cleanse and purify me to help and heal all.

As we meet at sunrise with our rainbow rope around our waist, our Taworri or Pijorri in our hand we ask all who walk with us to begin the chant Me Za Ta Da. As we chant we can hear the words of the Omlacaellgemup echoing in our mind as we move within the centre of ourselves and to that place of Inner Silence where we have the 'knowing' of all that we have been, are and will be. As we continue our chant of Me Za Ta Da, fingering our 117 beads, using their energy to push us into the msot sacred space within our Soul. We feel our spirit soar and rise. We feel the intensity of our own personal jounrey and know that all who are on this journey with us, rejoice with us at the changes within.

The Ganges River allows us to journey for a short time within the Hindu religion. We briefly feel as one with all people of this culture. Knowing that they bless us in ourjourney, just as we bless and encourage them to be the eprson they are meant to be, standing tall in their own truth. Detached from the controlled teachings of those who wish 'power' to be their Ego Burner. Allwoing dissernment and understadning of why we are here in this place right now to be our guide.
Day 8 _ River Ganges
Day 8 _ River Ganges
Day 9 - Borobadur
Mantra: Zi La Ni la Dha Zhi Dha Zi

I return to where I started
empowered by all to be one with all
I give thanks to those from near and far who have guided us on this time.
We now do give our hearts in love
To give Love and Life to all.

We meet at sunrise, accompanied by our companions in travel, carrying our Taworri (or Pijorri), wearing our rainbow rope and chanting Om La Caell Gem Up. As we gather we change to the chant for today, bringing to mind the message it contains. We allow our minds to drfit back over the days past of our Pilgrimage together, bringing forth the energy most needed by ourself to raise our perosnla vibration, empowering us individually to walk forward in confidence to the future. Each of us receives a message or thought most appropriate to our needs. EAch may receive something different or we may be the same as another - it matters not - for each is right for the moment. We allow our minds and hearts to open to all new vibrations, absorbing their energy into our own structure.

We recognise the beauty of the structure within which we stand, knowing the history of the buildings fills us with humility. It provides us with the knowledge of Universal Law and the existence of HuMan on the Wheel of Life.

Day 10 - Ha'apai, Tonga

Day 9 - Borobudur
Day 9 - Borobudur
Mantra: Zi Lon Va Nah Ta Pa Pita
We came with love, we depart with peace for all

We come to spend the day at Ha'apai one of four Islands within Tonga group
Those of us who wish meet at sunrise, to chant the mantra, gather to greet the dawn. We feel the peace of the Island and refresh ourselves in the calmness of the water. Not all of us are here as we choose to meet all together at Sunset to say our goodbyes.
Our intent has been to understand the cultures of other people, wihtin the religions of that region.
Chrisitianity is the most practised religion for the Islands, although there is no official State religion. The Kingdom of Tonga is one of the few places on the planet which has retained it's culture alongside that as introduced by the British 'explorers' in the day of their Imperialism.

At sunset we all gather together wearing our rainbow rope, accompanied by our 17 Ascended Masters, meeting and greeting the new friends we have made along the way. Holding our Taworri (or Pijorri) in our hands we begin once with each bead (117) Zi Lon Va Nah Ta Pa Pita
we raise our voices as One People as we continue to chant, holding within our hearts and minds the thought
"we came in love, we depart  with peace for all"
In our minds eye we can 'see' the Mandalas rolling around the Planet, gifting to all the meaning of each day's journey.
EAch journey ahs been an individual pilgrimage and may be repeated as we choose with the reminders from these pages.
Tomorrow we return to our own homes

Day 11 - at Home again

Day 10 - Ha'apai, Tonga
Day 10 - Ha'apai, Tonga
Day 11 - At Home Again
Day 11 - At Home Again
Omlacaellgemup Pilgrimage - Day 9 - Borobudur
Omlacaellgemup Pilgrimage -  Day 10 - Ha'apai Tonga
Omlacaellgemup Pilgrimage - Day 11 - at Home again

Welcome home Rest and Reflect and Live your Rainbow life

We gather together the thoughts as memories, reflecting on the beauty of the Pilgrimage journeyed together
Now is the time to begin the life we envisioned for ourselves.
We allow the knowing we gathered during the journey to flow into the conscious mind.
It is time to recognise we are a glorious and wondrous being.
We rejoice in the knowing of who we are and how we are able to project our thoughts and feelings
We know we are no longer alone and we can revisit this time whenever we wish to draw onm the energy of a particular sacred place to asssit us in achieving any objective.

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