The sun and the earth together, combine their energies to bring the Vibrational Energies to the Phonerg Ball.
The ball encapsulates the photon energy with Universal Wisdom.
Photon Energy is that part of the earth's electromagnetic field seen as the aura surrounding the earth. This in turn interacts with the human body's electromagnetic field as a balance between all elements - fire, earth, water, air and the fifth element of spirit.
The Phonerg Ball combines eastern and western philosophy with the energy of the new Millenium, the seventh Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius.
The Age of Aquarius is about understanding and balancing the emotions within the physical body.
The healing energies within these philosophies combines together with the power from  the photon belt plus the vibrations of sound and colour to create the Phonerg Ball.
All these incorporated properties of vibrational energy combine within the ball's structure to help relax the mind, and to assist in the relief of stressful situations or those diseases which are caused through emotional and physical stress.

Play with the Phonerg Ball as part of your everyday routine.  It only takes a few minutes of your time, to find improved assistance with health, freedom from tension, better sleeping patterns, more energy, increased effieciency, defense against stress and stress related illness. Through stimulation of the meridians, and by connecting all energy centres to the heart, YOU balance the body's Yin and Yang.

By placing the ball in the palm of the hand it relaxes the mind so that the strength of purpose between body and mind may occur. This may take as little effort, as carrying a Phonerg Ball in your pocket and rolling it in your palm as the need arises. While watching TV a ball in the palm of each hand will quicken the process through the concentrated focus of the proceedure. The Phonerg ball may also be rolled under the foot making a connection between earth and body to assist in the balance of the *grounding* process.

The Phonerg Ball is not meant as a replacement for any other treatment. It may be used in conjunction with any ongoing treatment. You should always be guided by the advice of your regular practitioner.

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                                Phonerg Balls  2 per bag for $38.50 USD includes postage and handling.
Balls & Eggs

a healing tool
enhancing harmony between body, mind and spirit

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Phonerg Balls
Phonerg Balls
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