Ode to Reiki
In the beginning we were unconditional love.
We allowed the manifestation of fear to colour our thoughts,
this reduced the value of our love.
We introduced into our being; judgement
Where there is judgment there can be no love.
We gift to ourselves the sacrifice of judgment,
that we may return to unconditional love.
With unconditional love we heal first ourselves and then others.
This is the power of Reiki.

poetry by Gaele - May 1999  (Reiki/Seichim Master)

Reiki comes from an understanding of pure love. It comes from the universal source and operates only within its own intelligence. It is owned by no-one, and is available as a technique to anyone who wishes to learn the principles of this hands on healing technique. Hands on healing has been practised since the birth of time, when humankind first walked this planet. It is activated solely by unconditional love. This means that the more you love yourself and others, the more love is available. Although Reiki is an ancient art, it has become popular as a recognised alternative method of treatment. It has often proved beneficial where modern medicine has no answer. It has baffled science as there is no logic. It is love. As we move more into this new millenium, leaving the thinking of the past behind, we each need to play a part in healing the earth and humankind. It is a natural part of evolution. The requirements are love, compassion, faith and trust.
Gaele Arnott Reiki /Seichim Master introduces you to Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key),
the application of Universal Life Force energy.
It is a powerful modality providing you with the tools to heal yourself and give support to others.

REIKI  - The Usui System of Natural Healing
  Reiki Healing Pool
The only requirement is to be open to receive. If you are asking on another's behalf you must have their permission. Please send details of the type of healing required and if it is for a person, plant, earth or an animal.

   email Gaele Arnott - gaeleaus@bigpond.net.au
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