Reiki is a simple and effective "Hands on Healing" technique. One person transmits an energy through their hands to the recipient. There are many differing styles of "hands on healing". There are also differing modalities of Reiki. To either learn Reiki or be the recipient of the modality you should be guided by your feelings, as to what is appropriate for you.The main difference in Reiki is the method of attunement, where the Reiki Master passes to you the energy together with the symbols from the energy source.

Reiki was reintroduced into the western world by Dr Usui and most Reiki practitioners follow this school of teaching. It became popular in Australia in the 1970's. At that time it was relatively expensive and out of the reach to many for this reason. Today there would be a course suited to your needs and purse in any area near to you.

Reiki was carefully designed by the guides and planetary leaders who brought the system to us. It was conceived as a mistake proof system. If it is used for other than positive means, nothing happens, and no harm can be done. Healing energy is a neutral force -like fire. Whatever you send out will return to you. If the intent is to harm then this is what the sender will receive - the recipient is unharmed.. If you send and work in love then this is what you will receive - Love. Even if you do make a "mistake" in the performance of Reiki the guides will "fix" it for you. Reiki I is learning to work in and with love. The more you consciously work with this energy -the more you become aware of the power of love.

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Reiki I
The student wishing to learn the principles of Reiki will gain an understanding in Reiki I 
* the history,
* the principles,
*the bodies organs,
*energy systems (chakras)
* the hand positions.
An undestanding is gained about self treatment and how to treat others.
During the day as well as receiving the first attunement the student is taken through the first of the personal empowerment steps.

Reiki II
Reiki II is learning to work with and increase energy through three of the symbols.
One of these symbols is for use in absent healing.
(Reiki II is not an absent healing workshop - it is only one aspect of the day)
It is understanding your boundaries and own area of experitse. It is having the wisdom to call upon another practitioner if the need should arise. Symbols are the essence of Reiki and is the reason why they are not just handed out to anyone. They have power and energy. The symbols may be used for healing any emotional, mental, spiritual or physical issue which may arise. Many people as they progress are "given" symbols of their own which they may begin to use.
The Buddhists have known and used these symbols for six centuries prior to the coming of Jesus Christ, who also used the symbols as part of his healing ministry.
As in Reiki I the day includes an attunement as well as steps in personal empowerment. 

Reiki III
Reiki III is the teaching part of Reiki. It gives you the guidelines for passing attunements to others. In this segment you receive two more symbols. You learn to understand about the exchange of energy and that you are worthy of a fair and reasonable exchange. The energy passed from you to the receiver is a gift of Divine Love from the Source and is given freely. In Reiki I and II you may have been giving these treatments freely without any energy exchange.
During this workshop the student gains a greater insight into energy flow and patterns.
It is shown how sacred geometry fits into the "scheme of things".
We take a look at Mandalas and how to use them
As in Reiki I and II an attunement is given as well as the continuing steps in personal empowerment.

Reiki Master
A master is one who has served the apprenticeship and has now completed the training. It is time to put the theory into practise. A new training begins.
As with each other section of the course the student is passed a further attunement as well as continuing the steps in personal empowerment.
A master has searched their soul and listened to the feelings within. They have formed their own philosophy of  life and gained an understanding of their own destiny.

In the game of life you become your own architect and master builder. You have taken your blueprint and mapped your plans. The game is likened to climbing a very high mountain. Once you have climbed the mountian it never needs to be climbed again. You may to choose to climb another mountain - because it is there. Once at the top of the mountain, you are given with love, that which you have earned - your wings. It is up to you in which dimension you fly - it is as unlimited as infinity.

universal energy of healing
Gaele Arnott educator and visionary
Gaele Arnott educator visionary
Gaele Arnott educator visionaryGaele Arnott educator visionaryGaele Arnott educator visionary
Gaele Arnott educator visionary