Snowflake Down-Under
by Gaele Arnott

                                  It was a cold frosty day in New York.
Most of the children had left the park and Snowflake sat in thoughtful contemplation of the holdiays ahead.
Snowflake had been longing for adventure and a change in his life. (He wasn't yet into the class on patience and so still had an expectation that everything could be done - right NOW). He was on holiday from school and had time for some fun. He had done very well this semester. He had graduated into the class of Merlin and was beginning to appreciate the real beauty in everything around him. He understood better now, why Papa's job was lecturing on fire control. He could see that for too many centuries the Dragons had used fire to destroy instead of to build. The role of the Dragon now is to show earth people that other dimensions of reality exist. It is also to alert the people of  planet earth to the need of rebuilding and not destruction. It was certainly enjoyable to smell the fragrance of the flowers and not have to burn them up Snowflake really enjoyed playing with the children in the park - even if some of the children still could not see him. Their Mamas and Papas came and told the children not to be silly, there were no real dragons, it, he, was only their imagination. Who was to tell the parents that imagination could be just as real, if you wanted it to be. But some parents, knew and smiled at Snowflake and thanked him for playing with the children. Some even knew enough to ask about Mama's cooking and Papa's great work.
Sadly, there were not many who recognised that Dewdrop, even though she was only four years old had wonderful healing abilities and could with a touch of her hand heal people, the plants and animals. Many people who came did not recognise that what this dragon family offered was not magic, but something far greater than magic. A shiver ran up and down Snowflake's tail and he knew it was time to go home. Mama would have a nice warm drink of chocolate waiting. He thought that it would be nice to be in a warmer climate and W-H-O-O-0-S-H he was there. Thought had transported him to Australia.
Now most of us have to use imagination to pretend that we are in another place,or country but Snowflake had been learning in the Merlin lectures this semester how to transport himself. He was very pleased with himself. This was a good test - he hoped it worked as well to get him home again. He didn't realise at first that the country was Australia. The people looked the same and sounded similar. It certainly was not as busy and it certainly was very warm. As he walked along, people called out  to him and said "Hello Snowflake". It took him some time to realise that people were seeing him. REALLY SEEING HIM. The children waved and smiled and asked where was Dewdrop, his little sister. Joy was in the air. people were smiling and laughing as they walked the street. Australia was a wonderful country. The sky seemed bluer and the air was easier to breathe. There was not the feeling of everyone being too busy to stop. There was time to notice that Dragons were as real as poeple, just a different shape, size and colour. Snowflake was a little disappointed though, he didn't see a Kangaroo, Koala, Kookaburra or even an Echidna. He thought that these animals were everywhere in Australia. What was more he couldn't even see a beach. It was so hot that he thought he would like to visit a beach and once again W-H-O-O-O-O-S-H, he was there. Thought had transported him to an Australian beach, in Queensland.
As he had travelled in a blink of an eye to the beach, he didn't immediately notice that the Kangaroo, Koala, Kookaburra and Echidna had come along with him as well. The knowledge and wisdom from these travelling companions was far older than the dragon energy. They had experienced the energy of Genosyx. This had been discussed in the Merlin class at school. Snowflake knew that Papa had heard of the energy but not experienced it himself. Here in Australia he could feel it everywhere and wondered if Australians knew the value of their birthright. This really was a land of new beginnings. This felt like home.
Snowflake had learnt enough to think to himself - How often does anyone recognise what is in their home? How often do you value what mother and father have given you? Do you take for granted what is there everyday? Does Snowflake need to visit, in order to allow the appreciation to flow? It is time to thank Australia for sharing her land with us at this time. It is time to shout to the world - "Let us share with you, the knowledge from this great land." It is time for Australia's children to take charge. Snowflake came as a shapeshifter - so go with Snowflake  to his home and show the children in the parks all over the world that imagination is real. Begin by practising amongst yourselves and talking of the feelings and knowledge that is held within. Begin to believe and know that there really are dragons and fairies and elves. Let the Kookaburra be the shapeshifter. The Dragons will move here quickly enough to learn that there is an even easier way to be the shapeshifter. We see them every day, sometimes in the form of a beetle or a fluff from the dandelion. You, as children of Australia can show the rest of the planet how it is done. Snowflake could see all around him the gold and silver from the alchemical cup. He knew that this class was far more advanced than his learning so far. Here in Australia he could see that many, many people had already drunk from the cup. It had become so familiar that they no longer recognised the gifts they had. He felt at home.
Australia IS the point in the middle of the circle. This is the memory for which he searched. Couldn't everyone see - some could, but few were sharing the knowledge. As Snowflake wondered why the knowledge was not being shared, the thought came to him that  this was because they believed that no-one would listen. Many, many lives had been lived where no-one istened. All these souls were congregating here in Australia and not valuing themselves enough. They no longer believed in themselves. Snowflake realised that this was something that he could give back to Australia - the knolwedge that what he was struggling to learn - had already been learned.It was time for all his school friends to learn the knowledge already contained wihtin all the people of this land. He had felt a little condescending when he first came to Australia. He had thought that the knowledge he was learning at the Merlin School was "Superior". Maybe after all this was what his holiday assignment had been about after all - judgment. Not to prejudge and have exepctations about other people and other cultures. Maybe it was time to look further than his own back yard.
As he used Thought to take him back to New York he asked that he might come again to Australia where no school was really needed - their schooling was complete - it was only self confidence that needed attention. The people naturally absorbed the knowledge through the animals, plants, trees and the earth. The land was like a sleeping giant - maybe Mama would let him plant some beans so that it would be easier for many more to come to Australia, - if there was a beanstalk to climb.

(c) November 1999, Gaele Arnott
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A short story written because of a questioning 4 year old child. She was concerned that God didn't have a mother to cuddle him/her of a morning, or in the middle of the night - just like her mother always does. This story is written with love for Eliza. I hope in answering her question it helps you with yours also. Click on the title to take you to the page..

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