A Gift from God
by Gaele Arnott

Aanushka and Nanushka
came to earth as visitors,
from a Pleaidean star.
They came to remind
two blue ladies
of the tasks they promised
to share.
Emma and Lucy were their names
in the times of yesteryear.
They shared their knowledge with a world
not as yet ready to hear.
They decided to come once again to a world more awake and wise.
To a world more able to realise the strength
of healing, just from a look in their eyes.
It is time for Aanushka and Nanushka
to return to their home on Pleaidean star.
The Blue Crystal Man did come tumbling in
from a world of peace and love
that Emma and Lucy may introduce
to a world
now ready to hear,
that healing can come only from within.
The planets aligned in symmetry,
prepared to change the world.
It is the greatest assistance that God can give to you
that peace and love and happiness
are waiting, just for you.
All you need is understanding
that compassion resides in you,
as a healing we can all share.
A gift from God.

Emma and Lucy were two wonderful ladies of "quality" who worked with the poor and suffering in another time. They have come this time to learn and teach as healers and have been assisted by Aanushka and Nanushka

by Gaele Arnott

An angel came to my house
An angel came to stay.
An angel came to assist me
through the trauma of the day.
I laughed with joy to greet her.
She laughed right back with me.
her joy was so contagious,
I asked her to come with me,
to travel with me,
so that I may share her joy
with others less fortunate than me.
I thanked her for joining me.
I thanked her for being a friend
I am no longer lonely.
I have an angel for a friend.

A man for the GOLDEN AGE
by Gaele Arnott
This verse is dedicated to Josh

We wandered together along the Nile,
in days of yesteryear.
We pledged to one another
that together we would stay;
A boy and girl forever
with dreams of yesterday.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is now here.
Can the boy and girl of yesteryear
Survive the story of the Nile?
We lived in the Golden Age
without the greed of man
with energy from the Nile.
The seventh Golden Age, is a time once more,
where my purpose is to carry the storyies of yesteryear.
I am the essence of that boy and girl
who walked upon the shore.
I have within the knowledge
It is now the time to share.

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