Ta Garnie has been vibrationally charged with sun, sound and symbols to bring you opportunity of alignment and balance.

Two crystal spheres have been individually chosen, then through soul to soul connection from Jag and Gaele to you, created to suit your needs.

When held either together in the palm of one hand or individually in each palm, the subtle energy of the vibrationally embedded sound and symbols aids in aligning and balancing the meridians. The energy points within the system when aligned, allow for the progression of peace and harmony into daily life. It is not necessary to understand the meridian points, just know that Ta Garnie works through the subtle bodies absorbing and reacting to your needs of the moment.

Ta Garnie's after collecting sun's vibration
Stress plays a huge role in life as lived by the HuMan of the 21st century. To move out of stress into a comfort zone where rational thought may be utilised as the guide, is not always as simple as simply wishing it to be so. Ta Garnie is a tool which allows within a relatively short period of time for stress to reduce and the doorway to a harmonious balance of mind and heart to open. When the heart is the guide, life flows more joyfully. We have moved from the analytical thoughts of the Age of Reason into the new ag Age of Aquarius. We are learning steps within heart of emotion. It's not expected that we let go of ;reason', just to abalnce all aspects of heart and mind. By bringing into balanced alingment all energy bodies of  the physcial, emotional and spiritual we allow for life to be more likely to meet the goals of our dreams and desires.

Ta Garnie works well in company with Kergunyup. Kergunyup (see web page) reminds us to practise and use the tools available to us to bring, balance harmony, peace and joy into our life. Ta Garnie allows you to be simply, in the present moment.

Ta Garnie comes to you in it's own pouch which has also been vibrationally charged with sound and symbols to aid in protecting and a balancing the two coloured spheres, chosen for you.

Ta Garnie when chanted as a mantra using your Taworri (117) crystal beads or your Enjorri (39) crystal beads moves the mind through stillness and into a space of silence where your own messages may be found. It is suggested that when you feel comfortable with the alignment of the meridians you sit with Ta Garnie in your lap while holding Taworri or Enjorri in your left hand. With the right hand move each bead of the Taworri while chanting Ta Garnie, you will find that images, symbols, words will flow into your mind. Maybe all of the aforementioned or only one. Sometimes they come as sight and sound or maybe as a 'knowing' or feeling. The messages and thoughts are different to those as received when using your own special mantra given to you with the Taworri or Enjorri. There is also available a Caorri which may be carried in the car. For further information on Ejorri and Caorri please follow the link.

Ta Garnie including pouch, and postage is $23.95 USD
and may be purchased through paypal,
direct debit into bank account (details supplied through email)
or western union transfer.

Gaele Arnott                                         Malcolm Humphreys (Jag)
gaele.arnott@gmail.com                        24 Oct 1945 ~ 4 August 2007

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Ta Garnie
"to soar like a bird into the heavens"