(meaning Evening Breeze)

         117 Crystal Bead Mantra Tool

      The Taworri consists of 13 sets of 9 (nine) Crystals giving 117 beads.
The tail includes one "original" Tibetan Dzi bead.

The dZi is a uniquely Tibetan stone, an agate of oblong or round shape pierced lengthways. It has a shiny black and white design, characterised by the strong eye pattern, circle and square or double wave. The most valuable dZi were those with three or nine-eyes, the best being those with sharply contrasting patterns, shiny and with a faintly oily surface.

117 is part of our connection with the DIVINE MATRIX of ALL LIFE.
The number 117 allows access to the new energy being downloaded at this time into our DNA -  it gives access to greater knowledge through the subconscious into the conscious mind.

                                          Each Taworri is hand made over three or four days,
              and includes a healing vibration  created through the musical scale of C
                                                        played on spirit chimes.
                   Sacred Symbols acknowledging your own personal energy signature
                                 are added to the vibration of the Taworri by Gaele Arnott.

Each of the 117 crystal beads is individually programmed with a personal empowerment Mantra.
If you don't already have a personal energy signature, one is given during the creation of your personal Taworri.
A personal energy signature is a high vibrational sound which resonates on a soul level with your heart & soul)
During the crafting process of your individual Taworri each set of 13 crystals is chosen for you according to your energy sound vibration. An individual personalised Mantra is given during the crafting process.

                                       No stock is kept as each Taworri is uniquely different.
                     The Taworri is not available from any other source. The Ejorri and Caorri are also crafted within the sound of your own energy vibration. Further information on these Mantra/meditation tools may be found on the Enjorri and Caorri page EnjorriandCaorri

When you receive your Taworri you should bless it and dedicate it with your own Personal signature for your own Highest Good and the Highest Good of All Beings.

Each Taworri is complete with it's own Taworri Bag.
It will take approximately 6-7 weeks for you to receive your Taworri,
delivered to you by recorded delivery Air parcel post from Australia.

$350 USD
postage and handling $20 USD

- Evening Breeze
We gift to you from places far
a tool that will enhance
your search for all that's pure
As you use it every day
empowered you will be
Your signature it is your own
to us it binds you now
and for always you will be
connected with your source
The 13 sets within you now
connect you far and wide
All galaxies are now your home.

Your Taworri is now a part of you
from now to evermore
just sit with me and let me talk
your heart will hear me sure
and as you follow from your heart
all is open now.
In choosing to have me in your life
You have chosen love
For all who want to be the best
that they can ever be.
(written by Jag 24th October 2006)

Personal and Corporate Consultations available:
Utilising a specially programmed consultation Taworri you will receive a guide to transforming your life or Business.

Whether you wish to transform your life
heal yourself
fulfill your dreams
create new visions
manifest abundance
solve personal and/or business problems
improve your relationships

You will receive a personal Taworri Mantra which as you utilise it according to the instructions given will assist you in your personal transformation.
As you transform yourself so do you alter the situations around you.

Personal consultations are available either face to face or through Skype with:

Gaele Arnott in Brisbane Australia

Gaele is also available through Skype by appointment.
You may also order your personalised Taworri which will be hand made for you after your consultation.

First consultation $200 (AUD)   -
second and subsequent consultations $88 AUD    -

personalised Taworri (including bag) $350 USD + postage and handling $20 USD
delivered by recorded  Air Post

payment may be made in advance via paypal, bank transfer or western union.

To arrange an appointment you may telephone or email:

Gaele Arnott in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia +61 (0)407 988 405

Gaele gaele.arnott@gmail.com

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