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Vibrational Remedies are a food required as a basic nutrition for the purpose of resolving difficulites encountered in the physical plane. By balancing the body's system through the emotional body, they absorb all the essences of the mind body and spirit as a healing tool. You become your own healer. Vibrational energy is a "science" utilised over many Milleniums and largely forgotten during the last century or two. The advancement in technology has also resulted in the drawing on memory from the sub-conscious mind of the methods used time and time again. Science has decreed that all "things" must be proven. That if we do not "prove" scientifically a point or subject, then it can't be. We know in our mind that this is not so and that many things cannot be proven. How can anyone prove LOVE? It is a feeling and feelings defy science.
As we move into this third Millenium AD, we as a society are more aware that the age of reasoning (science) must be balanced with emotion (feeling). As with any advances in evolution there is always a starting point.
My efforts into understanding Vibrational energy within the confines of modern technology began with the works of Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) and Dr.Edward Bach (1886 -1936). Vibrational Remedies follow the same simple premises as set down in the work of these two gentleman in that we allow our own personal truth to surface in order to heal. The truth may be buried somewhere so deep within the genetic structure of our DNA that the usual methods of accessing the sub-conscious mind do not resolve the issue.
Dr Hahnemann, a German physician and scientist began his work into like treating like in 1806. (In modern society this principle is better understood through the work of Madame Currie for her successees in radiotherapy and expanding horizons for women, for  Dr Alexander Fleming who wrote a paper on pencicillin in 1928 and the courage of Howard Florey, an Australian who developed it into a modality (antibiotics), whereby saving millions of lives.). All this plays a role in understanding vibrational energy.There are many, many people, practitioners and lay people working on the vibrational energy of emotion and the mind. Mostly the work commences through intuition or "a gut feeling". (This is the natural instinct within us all.)
In using vibrational energy as a diagnostic and an emotional healing tool the need is to utilise all the vibrational energies which are provided within our galaxy. The animal, mineral and vegetable kingdom are as much a part of our environment and physical existence as are the water and the air we breathe. The earth beneath our feet all play a role in our well-being. They are all a constant in our lives. Where we live is part of the pattern which we have chosen to enact this part of the play in the Game of Life. The people with whom we share our role playing are all a trigger for the next part of the play. Vibrational Remedies assist in resolving all the dramas within our play which result in the physical/cellular manifestations, we aquire. If the well is kept clear, the water is then pure.  If the water in the well is allowed to run dry then we are stuck in the mud at the bottom of the well. It is not easy to climb out of the well without assistance. Vibrational therapy provides this assistance, for the emotionl, mental, physical and spiritual body.

All the vibrational remedies mentioned in the pages of this site work in conjunction with other modalities - be they allopathic or complementary, are completely safe for use with babies, toddlers and animals. The methods by which they are made preclude any poisonous factors which may be the side effects of some herbal or phamaceutical treatment. There are many, many varieties and you may need trial and error to find a method suited to your needs

The following pages will give you a greater insight to each range of essences and the individual uses.
It is always advisable to consult a qualified practitioner. Self-diagnosis is not recomended. The material presented in these pages is for information purposes only and should not be treated as diagnosis.

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