Hurricane of Happiness Seminars
from the Heart of Compassion
A system of healing and transformation
taking you  Beyond Reiki
and through the eye of the Hurricane
- you learn to clear the debris so you may rebuild your life
with choices made during the process.

By taking just a step at a time you achieve personal transformation within all levels of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies..
You understand that the eye of the hurricane is your own
Inner Self.

The goal of these seminars is to assist you in learning how to stay in a place of calm when the storm rages around you.

You  choose how to rebuild your life as you cleanse, creating new patterns of thought and behaviour.


The Hurricane of Happiness seminars are intended to assist you in your personal quest for a quality of life while allowing you the opportunity of gaining skills which may create new prospects for you in your personal and professional life. By the time you have completed all five levels of "HOH" it is our desire to have assisted you in attaining the abilities which allow you to follow the path of teacher, healer, artist or scholar.

The Hurricane of Happiness seminars - Level I
offers you
* healing the negativity experienced through the emotions
* techniques for Letting Go and  Forgiveness
* the symbol for the Eye of the Hurricane which allows you to Let Go and Forgive

Where & When
Circles of Life

for further information you may email:

1. Gaele Arnott - Brisbane Australia at
phone international : 61 7 3863 0353
mobile phone: 0412 453 735

2. Annie O'Brien - Caloundra Australia at

3. Jag - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at

The key to Success is in your hand
Through the keyhole is the rainbow
The eye of the Hurricane is YOU
Your smile is for the secret of the knowledge you have held in memory

from my heart to your heart
in love
is Happiness