Gaele Arnott is an idealist with an optimistic view that the
"earth and her people can be saved".
Her life's direction is to understand and bring Compassion to all of humankind.

A seventh generation Australian, Gaele was born  in Launceston, Tasmania in March 1945, the eldest of five children - three sisters and one brother. (Christine, Cheryl, Kathryn & Mikael ).  Gaele Arnott (nee Moore) attended Launceston High School, then Brisbane State High School for her Senior High School years. Gaele Arnott currently lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. After her matriculation year she went into nursing, married and had four children.                                                                 
Craig, Susan, Neil,
Melinda (Lindy) - deceased November 2000 aged 25 years

A great joy and happiness in her life are her five grandchildren,
Eliza, William, Jack, Lachlan and Benjimin

Gaele holds in delight to her heart her nephews, nieces and great nephews/niece
Michelle, Henry Robert, Philip, Christopher, (Darwin, Australia)
Ian, (Brisbane, Australia)
Dianne, Nicholas, Hayley (Townsville, Australia) 
Amelia, (University Queensland, Brisbane Australia)
Liam & Ethan (Brisbane, Australia) 

Gaele Arnott lived what is considered a very ordinary "normal" life, until 1994 when this "normal" life changed dramatically - two Near Death experiences, six weeks apart added a new dimension to the work Gaele thought she was here to perform. The knowledge gained through her own learning of what her Blueprint of Life contained took on new proportions and lead her to question the meanings of symbology and the linear interpretation of language and words.

In March 1992 she had been diagnosed with cancer. Already working in the alternative health industry meant that she had access to alternative therapies and only needed allopathic medicine as a "back-up". At this time, Gaele Arnott was already qualified and proficient in nutrition, herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements and had a good understanding of homeopathy. During this time she studied Swedish massage, Chakra (Energy) Balancing and Hands on Healing (Therapeutic Touch). Gaele Arnott formulated her own  range (Gailea) of ecologically and environmentally friendly product, and was first in the market place with many of these product.

The 1980's were a time of great change. In the mid 1980's less than 2% of the population entered a health food store and even less consulted a natural Therapist. Now in this new Millennium more than 45% of the population regularly visit an alternative practitioner. Gaele was and is a leader in alternative therapies education through the facilitating of seminars, newsletters , workshops, and her writing of poetryprosechildren's stories  and  books.

In  early 1994, Gaele contracted a virus similar to Ross River fever, which lead to a bout of pneumonia and a minor stroke in August of that year. To understand herself better Gaele undertook to study a counselling course, which gave her the knowledge and expertise in situations on a professional level. She also studied palmistry and aromatherapy, as well as Vibrational Medicine. A chance encounter lead her into co-facilitating channelling workshops . She also became a Reiki/Seichim Master.  All these modalities gave her expertise as a Medical Intuitive, multi-dimensional trance voice channel as well as a natural Therapist specialising in herbs. Gaele also utilises your own experience through dreaming and the sleep - state to assist in your own healing. In September, 2000 Gaele became an ordained minister of Divinity and Theology. Gaele is part of a non-denominational group bringing spiritual, physical and emotional support to you through the home and/or the medium of modern technology.

In November 2002, Gaele added to her compendium of skills by becoming a certified Life Coach under the tutelage of Thomas Leonard (Sydney Australia Seminar), who founded Coachville International.

Gaele uses all these skills either learned experientially or through the classroom to assist all those who wish to expand their horizons.

She empowers you to follow your heart, to become whomever you wish to be.
Gaele Arnott helps you heal and grow through an understanding of self to become the person you were meant to be.
To be empowered in truth to walk your dream.
This is her dream which she wishes to share with you.


Simply, the present Moment is a daily message sent from my heart to your heart to your inbox of personal empowerment and planetary healing. It's vision is to create through personal involvement a change in general consciousness whereby the Planet and it's people become as One. Through the visual art and music included in each post, each person may sit for as long as it takes to read the written word, allowing the healing to generate change both within and around them. It is suggested that it is not always necessary to read the words as the healing may come from the colour and sound of the graphic and music. All it takes is the committment to sit for a few seconds or minutes (however long you choose) each day and then trust in the Universal process of Divine Will.
To become part of the healing for Planet and self you may join the worldwide group by sending an email with the subject header Subscribe to Moment list to

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where the mind, body and emotions meet the soul
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Gaele Arnott
from My Heart to Your Heart in love

Reiki/Seichim Master, Medical Intuitive,
Vibrational Therapist, Poet, writer,
Life Integration Coach, Visionary

"The Circle of Life is charged with the coincidences of the moment.
To follow your heart in recognizing the power of chance,
invites the energy of the sub-conscious mind to create a new reality."
~Simply the Present Moment (c) 1998 Gaele Dian Arnott~

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taking you forward through the21st century
Gaele Arnott invites you to join her each day at the dinner hour (evening meal) in lighting a candle together, so that we as One People may join voices for Peace on Earth.
Peace will come when we are all free to love with compassion each other as One Family, without the constrictions of past beliefs. Together we can create a reality free of fear, greed and manipulation, where all people in all lands may have the freedom to move freely in joyful harmony.
taking you forward through the21st century
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achieving the dreams of mind,body,spirit
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taking you forward through the21st century
empowerment through personal understanding
empowerment through personal understanding
empowerment through personal understanding
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achieving the dreams of mind,body,spirit
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