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Whatever and whenever we study, learning brings with it some degree of stress as we approach assessment date. The Study Ejorri is intended to assist you in alleviating stress and gaining the optimum performance to most meet your needs during study time.

Whether it be the beginning of your school days or you are simply studying a  topic new to you for pleasure, we all need assistance in committing the new knowledge to memory.

The Study Ejorri with the accompanying Mandala is embedded with the intent of reducing stress and inviting the conscious mind to absorb all knowledge learned so that you may fulfill your desire of achieving the set goals.

Each Study Ejorri is personally created to meet your own energy signature requirements. One of the six mandalas on this page accompanies the Ejorri for your own use as well as the gift of a personal Mantra to assist in your visualisation of success.
           Excerpt from the article written by Rupunda in the Malaysian Sunday Star for 4th March 2007

When we shared how to make Mala’s  little did I realize that we had “accidentally” discovered a powerful tool that when combined with THE RIGHT MANTRA could open doors to so many possibilities. The Taworri made up of 9 sets of 13 Crystals was the Master however with 117 specially selected crystals it was a bit big to carry around. We also now know that 117 is part of our connection with the DIVINE MATRIX of ALL LIFE, Everywhere. One of the purposes of this column is to introduce techniques and concepts that make us ALL 1st World Thinkers and Doers.

Well a smaller version of the Taworri was inspired and the 39 Crystal EJORRI was born and again that was only the start. We discovered that by altering the number of crystals in the Tail of the Ejorri we could alter the energy received with the Mantra and so many versions have arisen.

The SELANA / TIANGANA being introduced Now, when used properly will create the Think outside the Box mindset we desperately need.

The SELANA / TIANGANA is made of 39 Crystals in the Circle of 13 Citrine 13 Amber and 13 of Either Lapis, Chalcedony, Sodalite, Blue Topaz or Blue Turquoise depending on the person and 7 moonstone crystals in the tail to signify The achievement of the 7 auspicious needs necessities for human. Perfection, fame, career, wealth, health, longevity and relationships.

Each takes a week or more to make incorporating the energy of Sun, Moon, Rain, Thunder, Lightning and More and is energised with Sacred Geometrical Symbols by Gaele Arnott with special crystals from other parts of the world

The Mantra that you will receive should be repeated in 3 sets of 39 a day Morning, Evening and when you study or have tuition. The smaller Mandela should be kept with you always The Larger One framed and kept where you study.

One of the six special Mandalas is included in the package   - $59USD plus postage and handling $20USD
The Study Ejorri and one of the six Mandalas plus personalised Mantra  will be forwarded to you upon receipt of payment through Paypal, direct debit or western union.

1. Selana = comfort and light
2. Lyea = The Goddess in You
3. Shahira = Filling you with light
4. Katrina = Bringing New Life
5. Christine =
               Your partner with the angels
6. Tiangana =
              Pillar of Eternal Light
Study Ejorri
Study Ejorri